About The Irish Ivermectin Group

We promote open discussion about treatment protocols for Covid, including Ivermectin + other meds as appropriate.

Patients need a free choice of treatments, and that means being informed. With growing evidence of Ivermectin’s success in prevention and treatment – and safety – Ireland needs to make Ivermectin freely available to all who want it, as is the case in many countries.

Also important is respect for individual choices, and an end to artificial divisions among people. We all seek good health. Ivermectin is just as important for vaccinated people who may fall ill as it is for those who decline Covid injections – we really are in this together.

You will find information on safe prevention and treatment guides, which work for variants and may be important for future outbreaks, if any. All information comes from qualified international medical doctors and scientists.

Some information on the Prevent & Treat page may also interest those who may have adverse reactions to injections.

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None of our team of volunteers have any financial connection with any products or services mentioned.

We are a Partner group of The World Council For Health.

A sample protocol involving Ivermectin

Something to know

We refer to Human Ivermectin anti-parasite and anti-viral oral medicine, recommended by the WHO and used safely by humans for over 40 years. It is often dismissed as horse paste by those who know better.

Irishman William Campbell shared the Nobel Prize with Satoshi Omura for their discovery of Ivermectin and the millions of human lives it has saved.

Like penicillin and aspirin etc. it is also used for animals, including horses.

See also our disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

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