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As a Partner Group of the World Council for Health we access their experience and on-going research – including for those who may be ill after the covid injections.

The views expressed in articles and videos are not necessarily in agreement with ours, and are included to assist in healthy debate.


Stay up-to-date. It is not always possible to show all the latest news here. Check the World Council For Health Site, and watch the Weekly Assemblies.

In America, FLCCC Alliance have been very active in research, treating patients and advocacy. Their Site includes Treatment Protocols and much more.

Our change of name to Health Recovery IE: Since we launched in 2021 as The Irish Ivermectin Group the emphasis has moved towards achieving good health in general, recovery at the personal level, and recovery of a health service which meets people’s needs, autonomy, and local circumstances. We retain all previous site and video content.


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Latest videos

Austrailian MP told by hospital – 5 hours left to live – escapes and is treated by GP with “large, large doses of Ivermectin”, no more covid after 4 days.

NO APPARENT COVID IN AFRICA – LESS THAN 5% VACCINATED – from John Campbell, who championed Covid Vaccines early on but, like many other health professionals, has come to question their safety….. 8mins plus extras.

Blue screens? Caring for your eyesight, and related issues. WCH – living with tech… 31mins plus Q&A

Dr. Angus Dalgleish, Professor of Oncology at St. Georges Hospital Medical School London, calls for urgent stop to C19 boosters… 2mins

“Dr Stephanie Seneff: Why C19 Jabs Are Injuring So Many People Globally” – one for doctors and researchers, though the Q&A is more accessible… 23mins plus Q&A

Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra previously promoted the mRna injections – why is he now calling for them to be stopped? 9mins.

Irish Doctors Take On The Medical Council. 3 doctors share their experience and views on how the authorities responded to Covid… 38mins.

Stanford Professor John Ionnides on the damge done to children by the measures… 2mins.

Shabnam Palesa from World Council For Health looks at Conflicts of Interest at the WHO, at the Geneva Press Club… 21mins.

…. and many more.

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The WHO PANDEMIC TREATY – a troubling surrender of sovereignty. It is clear the gravest of failed Covid measures had their origins in the WHO. Are we now to surrender “pandemics” sovereignty to un-elected people with serious conflicts of interest with major funding by private corporate entities? Once lost, this sovereignty will not easily be regained. Article and video

CENTRALIZED WHO DATA CONTROL – Pharmacologist Dr. Mike Yeadon (former Pfizer chief scientist) has made a very good point – if the Results Data of “health measures” like lockdowns etc. are centralized (under the proposed WHO global treaty) we will not know the different regional outcomes, for example, between Sweden’s no lockdown, no school closures etc., and Ireland’s severe measures including masking kids for hours each day. (Hint: Sweden did better).



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