About The Irish Ivermectin Group

We seek discussion about Ivermectin treatment protocols for Covid.

We are not campaigning against vaccines, we want patients to have a free choice of medicines. With growing evidence of Ivermectin’s success in prevention and treatment – and safety – Ireland needs to make Ivermectin freely available to all who want it, as is the case in many countries.

Making the scientific information available to all is a necessary pre-condition for an open respectful discussion.

Also important is respect for individual choices, and an end to artificial divisions among people. We all seek good health. Ivermectin is just as important for vaccinated people who may fall ill as it is for those who decline mrna Vaccines – we are in this together.

A sample protocol involving Ivermectin

A word of caution

We refer to the Human Ivermectin anti-parasite and anti-viral oral medicine, recommended by the WHO and used safely by humans for over 40 years. It should not be confused with veterinary preparations for animal use, which should not be taken by humans.

See also our disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

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