We refer to Human Ivermectin anti-parasite and anti-viral oral medicine, recommended by the WHO and used safely by humans for over 40 years. It is often dismissed as horse paste by those who probably know better.

Irishman William Campbell shared the Nobel Prizein 2015 with Satoshi Omura for their discovery of Ivermectin and the millions of human lives it has saved.

Like penicillin and aspirin etc. it is also used for animals, including horses.

The image shows a sample protocol which includes ivermectin.

Doctors discuss treatments for covid vaccine injuries

While “ivermectin is the backbone of treatment” this is a complex and evolving search and hopefully will develop in time to a set of treatment protocols. Watch this video for a while – it gets very technical later, and is a discussion of a work in progress.

All the people who appear are practicing medical doctors who treat patients.

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fraudulent trial of Ivermectin published

Dr. Kory has treated and saved large numbers of Covid patients with Ivermectin and other medicines. In this article he reveals the tactics used to denigrate Ivermectin and promote very expensive and profitable drugs.

“The New England Journal of Medicine published the fraudulent TOGETHER trial, designed and conducted to launch anti-ivermectin headlines across every major media outlet across the world.”

So what I want to do here is break down exactly how they accomplished this feat, using the most brazenly fraudulent conduct of any trial I have studied. This is NOT to say that I have never witnessed fraudulent studies, but this trial displays an unprecedented number of targeted tactics designed to deny, suppress, and distort the evidence of efficacy.

ICU Specialist talks to Pat Kenny on the success of Ivermectin and why it could end the pandemic

August 13th 2021: Dr. Kory of Front Line Covid19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) in the USA advocates for Ivermectin + protocol in the treatment and prevention of Covid and references good quality evidence to support it’s effectiveness. Ivermectin roll-out in Mexico has had a dramatic effect and has “emptied the hospitals”.

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A history of the development of Covid treatment protocols including Ivermectin

Dr. Pierre Kory outlines the History of FLCCC Recommendations in this medical lecture that he delivered via Zoom on July 24, 2021, to the physicians and citizens of Malaysia upon his receiving the Benevolence Leadership Award from the Cheng Ho Multi Culture Education Trust and Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew of Malaysia.

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