the WHO pandemic treaty – a troubling surrender of sovereignty

It is clear the gravest of failed Covid measures had their origins in the WHO. Are we now to surrender “pandemics” sovereignty to un-elected people with serious conflicts of interest with major funding by private corporate entities? Once lost, this sovereignty will not easily be regained.

In dealing with Covid, countries and regions that made their own decisions based on local knowledge and needs (like Sweden, Uttar Pradesh etc.) fared no worse, often far better, than those who followed the WHO.
In this video – the World Council for Health lays out some of the unprecedented powers that the WHO will be given, like deciding what constitutes a pandemic, and taking all and any measures it wishes to take (yes, reallly!), with severe penalties for any signed-up state which declines to follow orders.

See also World Council for Health – First Open Letter on the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty – several languages